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All courses are taught by our experienced cyber security specialists whom have extensive experience combating cyber threats from the Danish Defence and private corporations.


Our practical courses and events focus on hands-on experience, both introductory and advanced, that participants can apply directly into their organisation to increase its cyber security resilience.

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Moreover, we provide tailored training which include mentorships in advanced defensive/offensive techniques, SOC/SAC training and data-driven technical awareness events.

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Practical Windows 10 Security for System Administrators

Hackers frequently target endpoints running Windows 10 to gain unauthorized access to company networks. Do you know how to secure your Windows 10 endpoints?

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Cyber Security for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

CSSME is a course specifically designed to improve the cyber security at small and medium-sized enterprises in Denmark. We are teaching the course alongside our knowledgeable project partners: Globeteam and IT University of Copenhagen. The project is entirely funded by Industriens Fond and will run at the IT University of Copenhagen until October 2020 as a part of nationwide strategy aimed at strengthening the level of cyber security in Danish businesses.

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